Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Justice League: old foes (Starro, Despero, Amazo)


These are Justice League foes, converted from the pages of the DC Heroes Justice League sourcebook. As Justice League foes, you should recognize the following:
  • They have more powers than you can shake a stick at (example: Amazo).
  • They often have a weakness that seems totally absurd and exploitable...and it is.

With that in mind, ICONS does give us a couple of omnibus powers to work with, so the power lists aren't totally unworkable...just a little bulky.


  • Supreme (10) Power Mimicry
    • Extras: Mechanical, Specialties, Rangeless, Visual (Amazo can duplicate any power it knows of, but it has to have met the subject in combat)
  • Amazing (8) Damage Resistance
  • Supreme (10) Life Support
  • Power use (Mimicry) (+1)
  • Programmed to destroy the Justice League
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Keeps coming back

For gaming purposes, you may want to assume that Amazo has already met some set of heroes and has those powers on tap, as it were; that's handled by Rangeless and Visual. Mechanical is evident in the fact that it duplicates the power ring (which is a Fantastic (9) Force Manipulation). For your convenience, I might come back and edit this with a list of Justice Leaguers' powers, because when you're playing you'll want that. Substitute your players' characters if you're dealing with some other group.

Some Leaguers' powers and not listing all of them but just some notable ones:
  • Superman: Supreme (10) Flight, Amazing (8) Damage Resistance, Fantastic (9) Strength, Fantastic (9) Blast (heat vision)
  • Flash: Supreme (10) Super-speed and pretty much any extra you can come up with for that
  • Green Lantern: The Power Ring is Fantastic (9) Force Manipulation, but ineffective against yellow
  • Batman: Give him 6 in all attributes, Expert or Mastery in all Specialties, and 6 Gadgets
  • Atom: Supreme (10) Shrinking
  • Red Tornado: Artificial, Strength probably 7, and Amazing (8) Air Control
  • Aquaman, Elongated Man, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter: I did recently


Which Despero to do? After this sourcebook, Despero becomes a bodiless spirit, hopping from host to host. In his early years, he's a straight-up mentalist with gadgets. Instead, I'm going to present the behemoth version of Despero, after the Flame but before he gets deus-ex-machina'd locked in the holodeck of his own mind.
  • Fantastic (9) Telepathy
  • Amazing (8) Mind Control
    • Extra: Illusions
    • Extra: Mental Blast
    • Damage Resistance
  • Great (6) Regeneration
  • Amazing (8) Gadgets
  • Military Expert (+2)
  • His hatred of the JLA transcends death
  • Yet another alien conqueror
  • A creature of the mind

Later he becomes an entity that moves between bodies, but for now, even though he has this massively upgraded body, he relies on mental abilities first.

Starro the Conqueror

Starro the Conqueror
  • Amazing (8) Mind Control
    • Limit: Only Fair (4) when at range, but full power when in contact with Starro or a subordinate starfish.
    • Extra: Telepathy
    • Extra: Burst
    • Extra: Energy Absorption Extra: Energy
  • Good (5) Flight
    • Extra: Growth Limit: Constant
  • Amazing (8) Blast
  • Weak (1) Regeneration
  • Fantastic (9) Life Support (all but cold)
  • Alien conqueror
  • Vulnerable to cold and to garden lime
  • "Arms" are expendable

The DCH gave Starro the Split power at 15 APs, which would mean 15 extra Starros at most, but in at least one comic (possibly after this sourcebook's time) he controls a whole town. So instead, I regard the smaller mind-control starfish as a special effect: there can be an arbitrary number of them.

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