Thursday, November 16, 2017

And we just got back from Justice League...


And it wasn't bad. I certainly didn't feel like I was watching a polished turd (to refer back to Vanity Fair).

And for context, I was underwhelmed by Man of Steel and tolerated the theatre version of Batman v. Superman. But I caught MoS on TV a couple of years ago and found that it was much better than I remembered. What I wanted was something that heartened back to the original Superman film, and it wasn't that. It wasn't great, but it was not the thing I remembered. It was decent.

Was Justice League great? No. But it was, I think, better than the theatre version of Batman v. Superman. The jokes landed, for the most part. Everybody got a bit of character time, though it really wasn't a character movie. It's a group team-up movie, so the assumption is that a lot of the character stuff has happened elsewhere. The CGI for Steppenwolf missed the mark pretty consistently, which I thought was a problem. Some of the CGI on the running Flash seemed off but I didn't notice any problems from the moustache.

Both Barry Allen and Victor Stone are hampered by the fact that this is really their first movie; it would have been nicer if the' had a film each to develop, but I understand why they didn't. I look forward to the Aquaman film, and I'd watch a Cyborg-Flash film.

Visually, it's definitely a Zack Snyder film, and parts of it are gorgeous. And his Batman is fluid in motion, which was nice to see. It's very comic book.

Things I have to adjust in my Justice League writups.
  • Superman has super-speed, at the same level as the Flash's or very close.
  • Wonder Woman's bit of banging the bracers together to create a shock wave...that's got to be a thing.
  • A single parademon has Batman on the ropes for a lengthy part of one scene—the parademons are still minions, but clearly they have to be upped a bit.
  • Cyborg is smarter than I had him, and his data access abilities are pretty much "anything that ever got put into a computer or on a network"...not represented really by the Interface power; I might model it as postcognition.
  • Aquaman's pitchfork (not a trident; it has five tines, so maybe a pentadent?) gets used a certain amount. He never uses talking to sea life, though he refers to the ability obliquely. There seems to be a bit of water control there, but it might be a stunt.
  • Steppenwolf never uses his cable, but he spends time with the electro-axe. He's kinda a generic sort of bad guy, which is part of the reason the movie isn't great.