Thursday, May 14, 2015

Look what I made!


Just because I'm stoked about it (but I don't expect you to be)...

I'm running a particular adventure for a number of players, some of whom are new to ICONS so I made up a set of pre generated characters for them to use if they want. So far, I've had some exciting challenges that I had not thought of on my own (like, last night one of the players used her occult powers to cast a Telepathy skill).

Then, because I'm innately curious, I decided to see if I could get the character writeups on 2"X3.5" business cards. (I had two sheets of printer-ready cards for inkject printers; I don't have a colour printer any more, so the pages are in black and white.)  I wanted to make it look like the game we're playing isn't particularly daunting. (The last step would be to print double-sided and put a paragraph of backstory on the back, but I'm unlikely to ever do that because I've already separated the cards.)

Anyway: with some graphics I don't have the rights to, they are here:

The first one, Wolf Spider, is not a creation of mine; it's by James Nicoll, and was his character this last time around. The graphic is from a Star Wars site.

The top two on the right (Jean San Graal and Jack-Be-Nimble) are blatant ripoffs of DC's Demon. I don't remember where on the web I found the image I used for Jean San Graal. The demon image comes from DeviantArt, as does the Hamadryad image. I believe the Timesense image is from a promo for another game. The other images I can actually use legally; they are part of Monolith's excellent series.

Graphically, they're not gorgeous, but they're functional, and it's kind of neat to put a bunch of them in a bundle in my bag of determination stones and a couple of d6. I throw in a blank one for each player and put them in the initiative order, and then I can just cycle through them.

Anyway...I'm chuffed about it.