Monday, May 4, 2015

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Villains: Ultron-5


Well, in honour of the movie (which I haven't seen yet), here's the earliest villainous version of Ultron from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In play, he can stunt like crazy, earning the heroes Determination points that they will need later. The qualities ensure that he will always close off whatever they used to defeat him last time, but there will always be something the heroes can use.

In fact, thinking about it, although you're always using the "Oedipus mechs" quality, each time you'd probably want to re-word it to present some aspect (so to speak) of the Quality that they can use this time. I never thought of it before, but that's probably a good way to use the whole business of learning qualities. Don't tell them the exact wording of the quality, because you might want to use the villain again. (Loser villains like the Griffin have straightforward qualities you don't bother to reword; that's why the heroes go, "Oh, it's the Mandrill or the Griffin again.")

Anyway. I present the hideously expensive world-shaking unlimited Ultron:


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