Sunday, May 3, 2015

Earth's Mightiest Heroes Villains: Baron Zemo


Ah, the last of the cartoon's Masters of Evil. I have to admit that I frequently mixed up the names of the Barons Strucker and Zemo. Even though they have quite different looks, mechanically they're kind of similar.

I'd have to play him to know exactly how Zemo differs from Strucker. I upped his physical stats a smidge from Strucker's to make him closer to Captain America, but there's not a lot there that's different. The sword is more powerful because, hey, it's a glowing energy thing.

I know the show mixed bits of the father and son (from the comics) but since I wasn't reading about them, I don't know much more than that.

Baron Zemo

I wonder if making both Hydra leaders Barons wasn't supposed to be a commentary on nobility and Nazism.

I also wonder if the Masters weren't supposed to hit most of the Avengers as foes. Iron Man has both Living Laser and Grey Gargoyle and Crimson Dynamo, Thor has Enchantress and Executioner, Captain America has Zemo, Wasp has Whirlwind, Hulk the Abomination, and Hawkeye gets Chemistro. If they enrolled Man-Ape, they might well have had everyone.

Tactically, they don't seem varied enough to me, but you haul them out when Zemo has an idea.