Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Yes, there will be a Drop-In tonight!


I know, it's late to promote anything, but there will be an ICONS Drop-In tonight at 7:00 EST on Roll20 for pictures and Google Hangouts for voice. I'll find the Roll20 link and edit it into here, for them as want to play for the first time and has a Roll20 account (and it's free, so why not?). (That link: )

We'll wrap up the K-OSprey story, but it's certainly at a point where anyone can join.

The story so far:

K-OSprey, Strange City's most notorious and lethal criminal (our Joker) killed the only child of billionaire Joshua Darcy. Earlier today, Darcy offered a ten million dollar reward for the person who K-OSprey and provides him with the body or incontrovertible truth. (He figures his lawyers can keep him out of jail.)

The heroes have deposited K-OSprey in what they hope is a safe place, and now they're dealing with at least one of the people who wants that ten million dollar reward...and Mr. Darcy has yet to be dealt with.

Known about K-OSprey:
  • Possibly multiple personalities, at least serious mood swings from criminally comedic to dadaistically lethal
  • Prefers to be called "it"
  • An apparently infinite number of winged harnesses, many with slightly different abilities
  • A gadgeteer of some repute
  • Not common knowledge: The players know that he can't actually be killed at the present time: Heaven won't take him and Hell doesn't want him, so he's effectively Immortality 10

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