Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reminder: ICONS Drop-In tomorrow


Yup, gonna try the old ICONS Drop-In again tomorrow at 7:30 pm. Yes, that's a twist: It starts a half-hour later. Though I'm in the city, I have a 5:30 appointment, and I want to make sure that I'm back and y'all are not left cooling your heels. Pictures on roll20.net, sound on Hangouts.

We dealt with K-OSprey last time, and the incidental threat of Hermetico, and discovered the truth about Mr. Geist!

Ah: there's the setup. This week, the mystical realm holds sway as we deal with the curse that holds Mr. Geist on this plane of existence, and the kidnappings of a number of students who were interested in Potential Expansion Training.

Pre-gens will be available (as always) but if you contact me sometime today, I can look over your character or we can build a character together.