Friday, September 1, 2017

Off-Topic, But....


I want a scene in the next movie with Captain America movie where Cap is re-painting his shield. Or a throwaway mention ("We repainted it for you").

Because, hey, the shield might be made out of unobtainium (vibranium-adamantium alloy, isn't it?) but the paint isn't. And Black Panther scratched it up in Civil War.

It's a small thing, but that kind of continuity is what I geek out about.

Shame I'm not a bigger Marvel fan, but when they dove deep into the continuity lake wayyyy back in the 1960s, they kinda eliminated the people who couldn't get comics consistently. (Now, yes, of course I can. But back then, before specialty shops, not so much.)

I got a gift certificate for a local comics shop for my birthday, so I picked up a bunch of Super Sons and the new Teen Titans. And, though I don't particularly like Damien as Robin, he's a great foil for other characters. I really like some of the dialogue in Teen Titans.

There's probably something equivalent on the Marvel side (I hear good things about Squirrel Girl, for instance), but I don't have access often enough.