Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Icons DROP-IN Cancelled again this week


Because this bug has been resistant to the first two antibiotics and I am about to start the third. I am in no better shape than I was last week, or the Saturday before that. Sorry.

In other news, Steve Kenson confirms that you don't need Shrinking or Growth to change into an animal of that size. That is, if you decide to change into a queen bee with your Transformation (Animals) you have, like, Flight 3 and maybe Super-senses 2, and possibly an Affliction. You don't need enough Transformation to get the appropriate shrinking for that small (what is that, Shrinking 8 or 9?). If you wanted to be a giant housefly, sure, you'd need Growth, or a teacup elephant, you'd need Shrinking, but to be a regular housefly, Transformation 3 will do. A regular elephant, you probably want Transformation 7 because an elephant is strong...but you don't need it for the growth part of it.

So as of Judas Contract (the original comics), Gar Logan probably looked something like:

Garfield Logan (Changeling/Beast Boy)
SpecialtiesNone, really.
  • Transformation (Animals) 7
    • Extra: Instant (no page prep needed)
    • Extra: Growth (because sometimes he becomes a giant snake)
    • Limit: Tell (always green)
  • Heir to Steve Dayton & Rita Farr fortunes
  • Emotionally needy but only knows how to relate by being quippy...doesn't feel he's worthy
  • Connections and enemies from Doom Patrol days