Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ICONS template: Crimefighter


You're saying you'd rather play somebody who has trained his or her body to physical perfection and has an array of gadgets to help? Got you covered.

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Crimefighter (40 point template)
Athletics Expert (+2), Investigation (+1), Martial Arts Expert (+2), Stealth (+1)
Swinging (grappling gun) 4
Choose either Blast (thrown weapon or grenade) or Strike 4
Extra: Burst (grenade, ricochet, fancy maneuver) Limit: Burnout (ran out or weapon broke)


You can also use this for your basic weapons expert: your incredible marksman (markswoman?) or your person who throws things. In that case, you might want to swap Prowess and Coordination, and maybe change Martial Arts Expert to Weapons [expertise] Expert. Or you could spend your extra points on that.

If you are doing a straight up martial artist, I'd bump up the Prowess by one (leave Martial Arts at Expert because there always should be a tougher fight, even if it's the head of the martial art) and get rid of Investigation. The Swinging goes away, and the justification for the powers becomes chi control.

Remember to get an Advantage from the Athletics Expert (justification: Acrobatics) for a bonus to add to defense. This person is hard to hit.

Extra points could bump up Coordination or Strength, or provide some small mutant power such as Regeneration or the ability to make anything he throws explode.

Second Addendum

As an example, this would be a potential Crime Fighting Archer:

Crime Fighting Archer (40 point template)
Athletics Expert (+2), Weapons [Bows] Master (+3), Stealth (+1)
Super speed (motorcycle) 4
Blast (basic arrow) 4
Extra: Gadgets (trick arrows) Limit: Burnout (ran out of arrows or bow/bowstring broke)