Sunday, April 3, 2016

ICONS Templates


ICONS is fast already, and I already provided one idea for faster character creation.

However, I was creating some characters for it recently for something else, and I ended up doing this, so I thought I'd share it.

It's the archetypes from SUPERS! or the templates from  Mutants & Masterminds done as 40 point characters.

To use:

  1. Pick or roll an origin (because that gives a great deal more juiciness; if all the players are, "I'm going to pick Unearthly because it offers the advantages of two origins," they're gaming the system and next time origins are just descriptions).
  2. Apply origin (if the origin calls for a new power, it's at level 5)
  3. If the origin calls for a new power, it's at level 5; otherwise, they have 3 or 5 points to spend.
  4. Adjust Stamina and Determination if necessary.
  5. Write Qualities.

Obviously, if you know the system already, you don't need templates. Go. Adjust as you are interested.


For some of them, I've added ideas on how you could change them up in a section called "Addendum."

I have specifically not done a "Construct" one because I think the Artificial origin does a great job on that. I feel like that "Construct" is less about what the character can do and more about the character's origin and qualities, and these templates are more about what the character can do. You add the personality and qualities.