Monday, April 4, 2016

ICONS Template: Brick


Here's a brick template in ICONS.  Again, you get to write your own qualities. See

Brick (40 point template)
Damage Resistance8


Obviously, this is a starting point, a kind of a class. What else could you do with it?

Well, Specialties, obviously. Or bump up any of the abilities.

If you were looking for additional powers, maybe remove the Leaping and buy a Burst extra for Strength. (I don't think the rules say you can buy an Extra for Strength, but it doesn't say you can't.) Some kind of Life Support for the more outre damage sources, or a different kind of Resistance.

You could make it an exoskeleton character; replace the Leaping with Flight. You probably want to move a point or two from Willpower to Awareness. Add an Aura to represent electrifying the armor.

An interesting possibility I just thought of is to spend the 5 points on Extra: Affects Phased for Strength. Yes, it's lower than the Strength but the idea is that the character is at a reduced effectiveness to affect these phased items. (Get your GM's permission before you do this.)

Instead of being Strength 8, the character might have Density Increase or Alternate Form (some kinds of Alternate Form offer increased Strength).  It could be level 5, or you could take a bit from Damage Resistance or Leaping and make it level 8.