Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ICONS Template: Battlesuit


Battlesuits in the comics have a bazillion powers; ICONS doesn't.  But here's a template anyway. Again, you get to write your own qualities. See http://jhmcmullen.blogspot.com/2016/04/icons-templates.html

Battlesuit (40 point template)
None, at this point.
Damage Resistance7
Extra: Blast (missiles) Limit: Max only7
Super senses (radar, radio)2


What can you do with a battlesuit? Really, the question should be, what can't you do with a battlesuit?

With only five extra points to spend, it's tough to put an extra on the Damage Resistance that provides another attack power, but if you lower Flight to 4, you could do it.

You could change the Super senses to Super sense 1 (radar) and Extra: Telepathy Extra: Link Limit Extra Only to represent an encrypted radio frequency. (I'd handwave the range and the fact that anyone with the correct encryption could listen in; that's a nice source of Trouble right there.)

What's an odder form of Battlesuit? What about the plant controller who grows bark and gets as strong as a tree; the Blast is an Affliction or Paralysis instead (pollen or sap).

Or instead of Damage Resistance, the story is that it's a force field. Your gadget guy is functionally a battlesuit but he looks totally different because he's festooned with devices.

Or something straight-up magical: this isn't a battlesuit per se, this is a statue animated by magical sympathy with someone. Like Astral Projection, the host body is still vulnerable somewhere, which might be a useful source of Trouble.