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ICONS examples: Second character (Vacuum Flux)


One more. I want to make the two characters fight in a third post, and having two characters who can't affect each other, well, that would be a bad example. (Or a great one that shows the use of Qualities to totally change the environment.)


Origin: rolled a 7. Birthright; either +2 to a power or a new innate power.


Prowess4Average (3)
Coordination5Fair (4)
Strength9Great (6)
Intellect6Fair (4)
Awareness7Good (5)
Willpower8Good (5)

Stamina is 11.

Number of powers

Rolled a 10 for number of powers, so that's 4 powers.


Just the rolls and results.

2d6 for typeTypePower RollPower2D6 for levelLevel
9Alteration6+1Animal Mimicry96

Well, Density already includes Damage Resistance, so that might be used for an extra. A dense wall-crawler? No ideas sprint to mind.

Animal Mimicry has the most, uh, flavour, so it's likely to be predominant. In fact, by mimicking a spider or gecko, the character can have Wall-Crawling, so that one becomes tentative, too.

The combination of Density and Animal Mimicry appeals to me. Maybe this character is a child of two supers and has a weird combination of powers from his or her parents?

Would one extra power just tie it together or am I better off picking one power as a theme and converting all the other powers to extras?

Well, I really want someone who can affect that light-based being created in the other post, and the one that looks useful for that is density—density brings to mind gravity, and gravity bends light... So we'll make Density the main power, use +2 from the origin to up it to Incredible, and turn the other three powers into Extras, one of which will be Gravity Control:

  • Incredible Density
    • Extra: Effect (Gravity Control) (with GM's permission, default effect will be Affliction: he touches you and creates a quantum black hole inside you. It evaporates, but the tidal forces inside your body can have lasting effects)
    • Extra: Telekinesis
    • Extra: Flight (so he can move around)


If this were a villain, I wouldn't bother with Determination (which is 6 - # of powers, or 4 = 2).


Rolled a 6, so two specialties.

I'll pick the Specialties after I figure out the character.

Thinking about character

Born to it? Let's say child of supers, still. Something to prove. I think of Rosa as being older, maybe thirty or in her thirties, so this character is young: sixteen or seventeen.

Digression about Strobe

Rosa could be sixty, but the accident that transformed her into light made her young again, and when she becomes corporeal, she becomes herself in the time after the accident, when she was obsessing over her looks and how she had changed. a detail I could use. Also gives the GM a different backstory with more history to work with. I digress.

End Digression

Because I don't want anything romantic between an adult and a sixteen year old I'm going to make this character not sexually attractive...that is, a male.

(Name? Gravity control leads to thoughts of black holes, which leads to the Schwartzchild radius, which leads to a look: When using his powers, he's covered by a black sheen and becomes slightly smaller; light bends around him. Table the name until later.)

He should probably have Science as a specialty. The other, I'm going to be a total combat nut and say Aerial Combat.


Well, say that he started the fight, so "Something To Prove" could be a Quality.

I also like the idea that being a super is new to Strobe and having powers is old hat to him, because he was born with them. "Nah, This Ain't Weird" might reflect that.

(Actually, I'm going to reverse an earlier decision and pick "Power Gravity Control" as the specialty instead of "Aerial Combat". It could help in maneuvers to create advantages for stunts.)

And some kind of epithet or power description to make stunting powers easier..."I'm the event, meet the horizon" for lack of a better one.


Okay, a name. Is there something about to shadows between flashes of light? Or something about light bending? Nothing's coming to mind.

Okay, I don't like the name but it fits with the mental image I have of this guy: Vacuum Flux

I want to up the science quotient a bit, so I'm going to trade two attributes, Intellect and Awareness. That way he's Intellect 5 and with Awareness 4.

The final result

Name: Vacuum Flux (North Reiss)
ProwessAverage (3) 
CoordinationFair (4) 
StrengthGreat (6) 
IntellectGood (5) 
AwarenessFair (4) 
WillpowerGood (5) 
Determination2 (if a PC) 
  • Power (Gravity Control)
  • Science
  • Incredible (7) Density
    • Extra: Gravity Control (default power: Affliction)
    • Extra: Telekinesis
    • Extra: Flight
  • Something to prove
  • "I'm the event, meet the horizon"
  • Nah, it ain't weird

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