Thursday, October 26, 2017

So, what else to do?


As I've said repeatedly, I'm thinking of a second campaign, one that isn't on Wednesday nights and isn't on Roll20. And while probably it will be the same sort of thing, that does deserve thinking about.

For instance, if I make it an actual group and an actual campaign and think less about the casual drop-in aspect (though not abandoning that entirely), other possibilities become available.

Here are the things I've been thinking that I could do. Let me know if you have a particular interest or distaste for any of these ideas. (And forcing the campaign into a particular model might require some tweaking of ICONS, but we'll see.
  • Teenage Mystic Heroes There's some kind of threat that affects anyone over 21, so Merlin (yeah, that one) has gathered some heroes to train them. He hopes they'll be ready in time. All the characters would have the Quality "Youth" in addition to their regular three, and there'd be a bit more soap opera.
  • The Nexus League At the Crossroads of Dimensions, a team of heroes stands ready to right wrongs that might threaten the multiverse. Usually the threat is in our dimension, but sometimes it isn't. The heroes are more in the Justice League/Avengers model...they're not averse to calling in the local heroes, but usually they are the biggest good guys on the block.
  • Better to Burn Out Street-level scope, the group are the heroes of a large cohort that suddenly got powers. This is probably not connected to Strange City. The catch is that every use of powers hastens your eventual demise. (You still don't know when you were going to die; powers mean it will be sooner.) Now, other members of the cohort don't care about the never-ending battle...they figure they're doomed, so why not have a good time until then, and those are largely your supervillains.
  • Reddin Klah A sword-and-sorcery use of ICONS, rather like the Warlord's Skartaris or the Forgotten Land. This is the least superhero-y of them all, but still allows for superpowers as magic or ancient technology or mutant abilities.
  • Trying To Get Out This is a nebulous idea, but it would follow some heroes who are trying to retire, the heroes who want to be their replacements, the villains who don't believe it, and the normals associated with them. Very soapy, and I'm not sure that it isn't a bunch of email exchanges instead.

As I say, the end result might be a standard sort of hero campaign, but I have been considering those other ideas and trying to figure out if I'd have enough stories.

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