Monday, July 31, 2017

Team Hero!


Team Heroes, a team of super-powered teenagers

If you need them, a set of rivals who are all teenagers (all have the extra quality “Teenager”). You can calculate Determination if you want to use these as player characters. EDIT: Amended to add some details about the characters.

Team Qualities

  • Like We Practiced!
  • Ready Or Not, Here We Come!
  • We Get No Respect (From Old Folks)


Aria started the group with Gateway. Growth Spurt joined after that, and then Identity Thief and Argus. Backspace came last.

In a game, they can either shame your players into developing maneuvers and team qualities, or provide relief to be rescued. (Team Qualities are rather a new discovery for me, despite them being in the rulebook from the very beginning. But I wanted to do something on the lines of "the lesser-powered heroes who work together." I haven't actually come up with tactics for them, but the "Like We Practiced!" Quality can generate advantages they can all use.)

Aria (Chloe Simpson)

Chloe is straightforward. She is the child of..."supervillains" would be too strong a word; her current view is "powered losers." (Family problems are a theme here.) She has family members who were heroes, too, and has a strong connection with her aunt, the former Slinky Siren ("the stretchable seductress!"). Unfortunately, her aunt lives in New Zealand now, so they can only communicate over the internet.

Expect trouble if her parents ever pull on the old Spandex (and Spanx) and show up at a crime scene to take her home.

Aria (Chloe Simpson)
343435Leadership (+1)
  • Sound Control (Blast) 5
    • Extra: Burst
    • Extra: Flight Limit: Exclusive
    • Extra: Force Field 5
  • "You can't stand idly by!"
  • Family history of parahumans
  • This is the family I always wanted
  • Teenager

Identity "ID" Thief (Laverne Bostich)

Laverne is named after her uncle, Laverne. She is confused about gender and sexual attraction, a confusion that's only exacerbated because as a shape-shifter, gender and shape are conveniences for her, and she has switched her look for school to be more androgynous while she figures things out. Or rather, she doesn't want to be whatever she was born as, but she's not sure what she wants to be.

She doesn't try more extreme body modification yet (like Stretching or other kinds of Transform) but I could imagine a sequence where those become addictive until she figures out how she wants to live her life.

In the group, she tends to be the infiltrator, having the ability to absorb Specialties also, and a kind of utility player. No, she never duplicates anyone strong (she just doesn't have enough Mimicry for that to be worthwhile), but she can grow along with Spurt if they need some extra muscle, or something that seems useful from the other side.

ID has also been known to change into someone from the opposing side, take their powers as well as their identity, and sow disruption that way.
Identity Thief (Laverne Bostich)
433454Performance [Acting] Expert (+2)
  • Transform (Humanoids) 4
  • Stunning vs Strength 6
  • Power Mimicry 5
    • Extra: Specialties
    • Limit: Preparation

  • Doesn’t like to be herself
  • Family problems
  • Gender confused
  • Teenager

Backspace (Stan Joseph)

Stanley Joseph Lieberman was a scientist whose specialty was temporal mechanics. (With superheroes around, that's a heck of a specialty.) His best days (which, if he admitted, were not that great) were behind him, and the Valentine's Day before he turned 65 and faced mandatory retirement, he was sitting there, depressed, about having ruined his life.

And then he realized that there was enough confiscated supervillain technology in his lab to fix that.

He was actually trying to go back and change history, but that's not what happened. Instead, he came out of it as a fourteen year old, as he had been fifty years before, but with powers. Time researchers set up contingencies in case they're transported to another era, or turned into babies, so he had access to his money. He withdrew it and disappeared, to become the new Stan Joseph.

He has some trouble remembering the place of teenagers in the social hierarchy; there seem to be a lot more restrictions than it looked like from age 64. And he loathes teachers lecturing him about physics.

He can now "undo" certain kinds of damage or some powers (GM's call as to which) but once he undoes a certain amount of damage, he has to get rid of the accumulated "alternate reality energy," generally as an Affliction. At the GM's discretion, the use of Neutralize might "fill up" the Affliction tank as well, but that seems a bit restrictive. An appropriate trouble when needed, though.

In combat, he's more a thinker than a fighter, but he heals his teammates or bystanders as soon as he can, and then he's able to do some actual help. When someone needs to puzzle out the evil bad guy device, it's usually Argus and Backspace who do it.
Backspace (Stan Joseph)
443534Science Expert (+2)
Time powers ("Undo"):
  • Healing 5
    • Limit: Healing "fills" the Affliction tank; after healing 10 Stamina, can't do any more until Affliction is released.
    • Extra: Neutralize (to “undo” powers like Duplication or Affliction)
  • Affliction 10
    • Limit: Level of Affliction limited to amount of healing done
  • Immortality 1
    • Extra: Regeneration 1

  • Problems with authority
  • Secret: Old person reborn
  • Temporal scientist
  • Teenager

Gateway (Franz Guttierez)

Since he was about ten, Franz has had this problem: if there's a problem, he appears there....with everyone who was near him. He can't turn that part off; everyone in range comes with him. He gets around it by running to be alone at the first intimations that it's going to happen.

Given that he never knows where he's going, Franz is actually pretty easy-going. He can get along with lots of people, even if he doesn't speak their languages (he's gotten pretty good at miming things) and he's a killer at trivia nights. He's also a novelty hog, always looking for something new to do, read, see, or be.

He doesn't have a choice about whom he takes with him (that's why the extra is Burst instead of Passengers), but he doesn't get teleport-sick, and he's mastered he part of teleportation where he lets just his hand apport into someone and then bounce out, while they get hurt. The group generally uses him for transportation, but he can defend himself.
Gateway (Franz Guttierez)
544444Performance[Acting] (+1), Athletics (+1)
  • Teleport 7
    • Extra: Burst
    • Extra: Accurate
    • Limit: Extras always
    • Limit: Troubleseeker
  • Stunning (vs Will) 7
    • Limit: Close Range (+2, figured in)
  • People person
  • Knows something about everything
  • "Hey, try this!"
  • Teenager

Growth Spurt “Spurt” (Dylan Connor)

At thirteen, Dylan is a scrawny small kid. But Dylan can grow...not in an adulting way, but rather get big. And when Dylan gets big, Dylan is tough and strong. (Dylan usually chooses to go full growth, but sometimes that's not advised in the current area. They've already had the scene where Dylan sinks into the marsh and has to shrink back to normal and be teleported away.)

Raw strength is fun for Dylan.
Growth Spurt (Dylan Connor) or "Spurt"
458/2354Athletics (+1), Performance[Music] (+1)

  • Growth 8
    • Get -2 to Defense & hiding, Damage Resistance 8, Str 8, "Large" quality
  • Alteration Resistance 6

  • Short & scrawny
  • Trying to impress
  • Clumsy
  • Teenager

Argus (Tori Vivaldi)

Tori has always, always known about machines. In fact, Tori had to study computer programming harder than anyone else because it was so easy to just make the computer do the right thing. Machines are Tori's friends.

People... well. Tori discovered Team Hero while cruising the Internet and looking through people's webcams (Tori has an amazingly broad knowledge of human behaviour and is somewhat cynical because of it). Tori arranged for them to get some money and have the truancy warrant on Backspace reversed (Tori figured out who Backspace is, but hasn't told Stan) and then set about doing favours for the group in order to join.

Tori is more comfortable staying behind and being the "guy in the chair" but that isn't always possible. (Tori should probably also have Gadgets. Maybe in the future.)
Argus (Tori Vivaldi)
443534Computer Programming Expert (+2)
  • Machine Control 5
    • Extra: Interface 5
    • Extra: ESP (Limit: Medium, video systems)
  • Force Field (Device) 4
    • Limit: Level Duration (+2, figured in)
  • Invisibility 5
    • Limit: Machines only (+2, figured in)

  • "Privacy" and "ownership" are foreign concepts
  • Nerd, for good and bad
  • "I need...friends."
  • Teenager