Saturday, July 8, 2017

Actual play: A solo superhero session


If you follow this link, you get to a PDF of a solo superhero story I just did with the Mythic GME version I've been tinkering with (apparently the Mythic Yahoo group has one similar to it; I can only say that I have never looked at it, but I will now) and ICONS Assembled.

I wrote it mostly as if it were a story because that's what I do, but it should serve as an example of the things that can happen. (It's not a story because it's not focused enough, but random rolls, hey.)

Note that there are lots of errors and inconsistencies, like where I changed a character's name half-way through and might not have gotten all instances. And there's a weird thing in the PDF that I thought I'd gotten rid of, but apparently not.

And it got me to ask for a rules clarification from Steve Kenson, but I'll post that tomorrow.