Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Danger Rooms...Are Our Business"

Yeah, most danger rooms/doom rooms/wreck rooms/what-have-you are one-off creations, done by your insanely talented team members, but during the brief hiatus where that person is dead, who are you going to call when the training facility is down?

Yeah. You're going to call Wreckreation.

Not just because they're the only appropriate site with a web page and in the phone book (also approved by BBB), but because they're the only appropriate site.

After he retired from superheroing--reflexes were going--Doc Coney (formerly the Red Wasp) wanted something to keep his mind active. He had enough money, but he didn't have something to keep his mind active. And he loves puzzles. Debugging a danger room is a joy and a thrill to him, especially if it might kill him. "I do some of my best thinking under threat of death," he says.

Even though Doc Coney is brilliant (not as bright as your campaign world's brightest, but good), he can't do it all himself. So he has friends in the superhero and superhero-adjacent community that he calls on as need. Several of them are really the core of Wreckreation, but it's still just a part-time thing for them. (There are perhaps two dozen danger rooms in the world at a level that needs Doc Coney, and maybe less. They don't all malfunction at once.[1])

His regular crew:
  • BDO Initials pronounced as "Beedeeoh," for "big dumb object." BDO is strong, can grow a bit and get even stronger, and is as smart as your typical freshman college football player. (Your estimate of his intelligence varies with your school.) But he is generally easy-going, and he takes instructions very well. Sometimes a bit too literally...
  • Nan O'Bot He grows, she shrinks. It seems like a useful pairing, though they bicker. She would like to be romantically involved with BDO (she's kind of shallow: he makes great arm-candy) but he is not that way inclined. She helps Doc Coney in part to keep up with electrical engineering; her "regular" job lets her get away to do superhero-ing but it's not really demanding professionally.
  • Wisp He's a ghost. Really useful when you want to look into something, and frequently not harmed by the current danger room scenario, so he's useful as the emergency contact. He has a limited ability to affect the real world--a small amount of telekinesis, a little weather control--but he has some great stories about the old days. 

Other people can be called in as needed, such as if there's a specialty they need (extraterrestrial hard light technology, perhaps) or a bizarre power that needs to be tested.