Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Confession

I really like the villain-on-a-card thing, whether the card is the size of a playing card, a tarot card, or a notecard. I like the artwork and the way things are usually arranged. I loved the cards in DC Heroes 2nd, even though I lost them to a teething puppy who loved cardboard.

I even thought about producing a deck o' villainy, even if it were just for my own use. I mean, villains usually get used in such a way that you end up having to copy them out anyway, even though they come from Enemies or ICONS Adversaries. But a couple of things stopped me:

  1. First, custom cards are expensive until you get to large print orders.
  2. Second, they'd have to be designed, and I didn't see a useful way of doing that, even if I decided on a size. I'm not a layout guy. The best I could do is to ape ICONS Adversaries.
  3. Third, again they're expensive. Superhero gaming is a niche of a niche, and you just wouldn't sell that many.
I just couldn't see gamers buying them. Taking them as a stretch goal in a Kickstarter, maybe, so long as they got the enemies book or PDF, maybe, but not buying them separately.