Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Idea of the month

Here's a weird thought that would make the relationships between the characters more flawed. (If the players want that.) If you don't want to play it in my original concept, there's easily a Comics Code Authority version.

About each other character on the team, decide on one bad thing that's a secret. It could be something very heroic and comic-book-y ("I saw you passing information to the government about our activities!"), it could be something that's only about the team relationships ("I've noticed you always give in to Silver Antenna even though you always start opposing her"), or totally non-sequitur ("I, uh, kinda slept with your fiance. After she became your fiance.").

The thing is, you can use it as a quality once, by making it public. In essence, it lets you take a Determination Point from that other person's supply (which is a nice way of thinking about it, but that's not how things work now).

You can control how accurate the statements are by how complete they are. Two of the examples I gave would be perfect examples for a later retcon ("Not in the field, not now.") The more precise they are, like the one about the affair...that might have to bring in shape-shifting aliens to fix.

(In fact, it occurs to me that you can do this right now with the Trouble mechanism; this is just a way of formalizing it and making the players come up with relationship bits about each other. The fact that I thought it might be different shows that I am loopy from drugs and that the Trouble mechanism is much more varied than I thought.)