Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Supergirl TV show...characters in ICONS

I did these a while ago...these are characters from the first season of the TV show. A couple of things to note...

  • Supergirl is not as powerful as she is in the comics. Yes, she can lift a tremendous amount, but lightning and electricity (for example) can hurt her. 
  • The quality "Last child of <planet>" encapsulates pretty much everything about their species strengths and weaknesses, so the quality would be used for extra powers or weaknesses to, say, Kryptonite.
  • These characters traditionally have many many powers. Stunt like crazy if using.
  • I have to admit that I made the Martian Manhunter's strength a 9 just because we're claiming that Kryptonians are at the top of the charts. Things like Supergirl flying faster than Superman might be a result of a quality or it might be an actual ranking thing. (Look at Non and Supergirl if you want to do any other Kryptonian.)


Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
4 4 10 4 6 4 14 1
Specialties Qualities
Business: Specialist (+1) Last daughter of Krypton
Flight 8 A Mission to Accomplish
Damage Resistance 7 Limit: Not vs. Magical Effects
Heat Vision 8
Super Senses 4 (X-Ray, ultrasonic hearing, +1 range hearing, +1 rng sight) Stronger Together
Freeze breath (Strike) 7 Extra: Burst

I just defined "Freeze Breath" as a Burst Strike, but the default use seems to be to freeze things, which might be Energy Control (cold) or Stunning (paralyzing a person) or telekinesis (as when she sucks in poison gas or could have saved Kelly, James, and Winn). Choose your base effect and stunt the rest.

Her powers grow over the season, or the writers are confused; in the encounter with the Toyman, quicksand holds her, but by the end she's lifting a hundred million tons.

By the end of the second season, she might have a specialty related to journalism.

Martian Manhunter

Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
6 4 9 4 4 6 15 1
Specialties Qualities
Athletics, Leadership, Mental Resistance Master (+3), Military, Stealth Last son of Mars
Mental Awareness 1 Fire! My only weakness!
Telepathy 7 Extra: Rangeless Limit: not Kryptonians
Transformation (Humanoids) Extra: Effect Flight Limit: One or the other 7
Phasing 4 Moral compass for the DEO

He almost always flies as J'onn, but he does fly as Supergirl once. I choose to regard that once as a stunt that cost him an Advantage.

Alex Danvers

Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
5 4 4 4 4 3 7 4
Specialties Qualities
Athletics Expert (+2), Investigation, Martial Arts Expert (+2), Mental Resistance, Military, Stealth, Science Expert (+2), Technology Expert (+2), Vehicles Agent Danvers of the DEO
Pistol (Blast 4) Badass Sister of Supergirl (aka "She'd be the hero on any other show")
Body Armor (Damage Resistance) 3
Loyal to Those Who Saved Her from Herself

She has lots of determination points to try and do cool things. By the rules, stunts off skills have to be based off a skill you're expert or better in, so she's an expert in lots of stuff. The downside to the "Badass Sister of Supergirl" quality is that she is protective and jealous, and you can bribe the player to do stupid things.

The funky ID card is part of being a DEO agent and is covered in the Quality.

Stuff like the kryptonite sword or the kryptonite battlesuit is a plot device, not a power or equipment.

White Martian

Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
6 5 8 4 6 7 14
Specialties Qualities
Power (Transformation), Stealth, Wrestling Hates green Martians
Transformation (humanoids) 7 Limit: Concentration Deceptive by nature
Wall-Crawling 4 Extra: Leaping
Super Senses 1 (Mental Awareness)
Telepathy 7 Extra: Rangeless Limit: not Kryptonians

In my imagination, every Martian has a suite of powers, and the ones represented on their character sheets are the ones they use most often. The Mental Awareness covers both the use of Martian abilities (both J'onn and the white martian track each other with it), and a general awareness of psychic abilities. We don't see the latter much, so a Limit might be reasonable...but it is reasonable. The Leaping might be Flight: it gets used as Leaping (mostly) in fights in enclosed spaces, but as Flight in open spaces. Either might be a stunt; Super-speed gets used twice, but I chose to regard that as a stunt. I also regard the weird breath thing and the mucous strands of binding as stunts or plot devices.


Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
6 5 7 7 6 8 15 1
Specialties Qualities
Martial Arts, Technology Expert (+2) Computer Program Made Flesh
Life Support 10 Revenge is a Dish Best Served
Computer Control Extra: Effect ESP (medium computers) 7
Teleport 7 Extra: Rangeless Limit: Medium of computers Extra: Phasing Extra: Selective The Most Dangerous Prisoner in Fort Rozz
Malleable body: Shapeshift 4
Often stunts Slash (sharp nails) or Stretching or Regeneration

The Teleport is properly a part of Computer Control, but I added so many extras trying to get the one-handed choking thing that I kept it a separate line. I suppose "Dimensional Travel (Computers) Extra: Selective Extra: Choose where you come out 1" might have done as well: the Selective means part of her can come out and the Choose where you come out lets you emulate a slower Teleport.

Master Jailer

Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
5 4 6 4 5 3 9 1
Specialties Qualities
Athletics Expert (+2), Investigation, Martial Arts, Military, Stealth, Technology Former Guard at Fort Rozz
Energy blast or thrown stick (Blast 6) Finish Alura's mission with execution
Body Armor (Damage Resistance) 6
Binding (chains) 7
Stretching (chains) 3 Idolizes Alura
Gadgets 5

Okay, Supergirl is held with chains and she burns through them with heat vision instead of just breaking free. Instead of making the chains. I choose to treat the situation as four chains acting like +2 (four opponents), so she was effectively bound by Binding 9, and her first roll didn't succeed as a Strength maneuver. It being early in the game, she didn't want to spend Determination to beat the Bound Quality, so she used the easier heat vision.

In the same way, his body armor clearly handles DEO weapons, which are as good as rifles. I called the whole thing Damage Resistance 6, but you could be justified in saying Damage Resistance 7.

I threw the Gadgets in to cover things like the energy guillotine and the red sun light, but they could arguably be called plot devices. I suspect if he showed up again, though, he'd still have some kind of gadget. Military specialty could go, but I assumed that the guards were a paramilitary organization.

Lady Beast

(I just liked her, but I had to make up a lot.)
Prowess Coordination Strength Intellect Awareness Willpower Stamina Determination
6 4 7 4 4 3 10
Specialties Qualities
Vehicles Former prisoner of Fort Rozz
Super-senses 3 (ultraviolet vision, enhanced smell, location sense) Star pilot and smuggler
Tough Hide (Damage Resistance) 3 Big ugly monster