Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today's notion

A Tulpa -like monster called "The living cliché" -- it can't be killed and although it has infinite powers, they're limited and guided by its current cliché form. (It has the weaknesses of its cliché form, too.)

Perhaps it starts as a person who gets a wishing ring and who wants to be a, I dunno, vampire. The ring turns the host into one until the ring is removed. 

You can't store the ring: it melts into mist if it isn't worn for a week and it re-forms near someone with a hunger for a different (clichéd) form. 

Stopping it forever is left as an exercise for the players. 

Think of it as an excuse to run something classic as an opponent: vampires, kaiju, creatures from the black lagoon, pirates, gangsters, dragons...