Monday, March 21, 2016

Time of Incontinence characters

Yes, the title is an homage to Dr. Christopher McGlothlin. Here are brief descriptions of the characters, along with some notes on how they might be implemented.


At his peak, Sundog was a vital Golden Age hero who stood for truth, justice, and all of that. He was strong and could fly, but those were his only overt superpowers. (He aged slowly, which is why he still had his faculties right to the end.) He had a tendency to hide in the sun and swoop down on his foes (hence the name). His costume was a yellow, orange, and red boiler suit with a sun on his chest. He wore a helmet and goggles.

In ICONS, he might be something like this at his peak:
PRW: 5 CRD: 4 STR: 7 INT: 3 AWR: 5 WIL: 5 Det: 3 Sta: 12
Specialties Power (Flight); Wrestling
Powers Flight 6; Damage Resistance 1
Qualities Simple moral code, and does what is right!; Sets an example; Too humble

In SUPERS! you might try something more like this:
Composure: 3D Fortitude: 4D Reaction: 1D Will: 2D
Athleticism 3D, Awareness 3D, Fighting 2D, Presence 2D
Flight 6D, Invulnerability 1D, Super-Strength 2D
Competency Dice: 4D
Disadvantages: Duty, Mental Hindrance (Honour Bound), Secret (ID)

Defeating the bad guys through interpretive dance and music, Apocalypso was a Caribbean-American musician who was granted these powers by the Muses, and it was filtered through the calypso background. Powers were largely musical, but the area effects were generally triggered by specific dance moves.

Sound like a stupid idea? That's what the bad guys thought, but they kept falling to Apocalypso.

At the peak, in ICONS:
PRW: 3 CRD: 5 STR: 4 INT: 4 AWR: 5 WIL: 4 Det: 1 Sta: 8
Specialties Performance [musician] Expert
Powers Blast 6 Extra: Area Limit: Preparation (dance moves), Force Field 4, Paralysis 5
Qualities Music hath charms!; I know you're laughing at me; Gossip

In SUPERS! maybe like this:
Composure: 3D Fortitude: 2D Reaction: 4D Will: 3D
Athleticism 2D, Performance 3D, Presence 2D
Blast 5D Boost Area 1D Complication Conditional (need area for dance moves); Force Field 3D; Mental Paralysis 3D Boost Area 1D
Competency Dice: 1D
Disadvantages: Duty, Low Self Esteem; Secret (ID)


Not a person without good qualities, but a supervillain. When you have the ability to cause cancer-like invasions in other people, you either embrace it or suppress it. And Melanoma didn't see a way to make it pay as a hero. So supervillain it was. At first, Melanoma was careful about hurting people but it became second nature, and went through henchmen at a tremendous rate, to the point that Melanoma had to be the first to offer benefits like dental and life insurance.

At the peak, in ICONS:
PRW: 5 CRD: 3 STR: 4 INT: 6 AWR: 3 WIL: 5 Sta: 9
Specialties Business, Tactics
Powers Affliction 7, Extra: Aura, Extra: Remove at will, Regeneration 3
Qualities It's a business; Careless about killing; Just until I can retire

In SUPERS! maybe like this:
Composure: 3D Fortitude: 2D Reaction: 3D Will: 4D
Athleticism 2D, Business 3D, Presence 3D
Vampirism 5D Boost  Persistant 1D Complication Touch Only;  Mental Paralysis 3D
Competency Dice: 4D
Disadvantages: Careless about killing