Friday, December 25, 2015

Have a villain group


Another repost from the LiveJournal.
For no particular reason, I was thinking that there aren't enough villain groups for ICONS. (Man, did I love the Champions Enemies books back in the day.) So, have a villain group in ICONS. Have them without stuff like, oh, explanations or tactics. This group, Fourscore, specializes in stealing things: information, diamonds, ATM refills, whatever.

I see them as losers, actually, taking jobs and always looking for the next big job. Kobold keeps having his heart broken and talking to Covalent about it, who thinks, "I'm right here!" and Whackjob is laughing at both of them. Lightfinger is this earnest crook type who is sure that the very next job will put them in the big time. Despite their powers, they can't quite put it all together.

As powers go, they're actually not bad, though they are hindered by the lack of anything in a technical sense. On a lot of jobs, Lightfinger just sends in Whackjob as the new filing cabinet. She gets the stuff (so long as it's material; she's no good with computers—reminds of her days in an office, before the accident) and they go. She walks out the next day, and off they go.

If the job calls for something more direct, then Whackjob waits to be auxiliary if it all goes south (which she often ensures). Covalent general takes the leadership role here, because he has experience with small squad tactics; he's largely hampered by the fact that he doesn't know nearly enough chemistry.



Gardner Finch8Leadership
8Strength7Resistance (magic)
Determination25Power Theft
*Intellect4Resistance (damage)
  • Sensitive about height and being different
  • Loyal to his gang
  • "These powers gotta be worth something!"
112 lbsWillpower
Point Value 536


Whackjob Prowess Specialties
Tina Wells 5 Performance (Acting), Stealth
Transformed Coordination
Stamina 3 Powers
10 Strength 5Fast Attack
Determination 4 7Transformation
Limit: Not physical properties Extra: Stretching
* Intellect
Height 7 6Aura (usually grows spines)
Varies; originally 4'11" Awareness Qualities
Weight 6
  • Loves to imitate office furniture...especially filing cabinets
  • Looney-tunes practical joker
101 lbs Willpower
Point Total 51 6


Kobold Prowess Specialties
Larry Erdman 4 Science (Geology)
Unearthly Coordination
Stamina 4 Powers
10 Strength 4 Elemental Control (Earth) [Blast]
Determination 5 Extra: Defensive
* Intellect 4Mind Shield
Height 5 Qualities
4'2" Awareness
  • Unknown to him, a changeling
  • Falls in love at the drop of a hat
  • Loves to lecture
Weight 4
118 lb Willpower
Point Total  40 5


Covalent Prowess Specialties
David Petersen 5 Military
Transformed Coordination Powers
Stamina 4 5Transmutation
Extra: Defensive Extra: Effect, Telekinesis Limit: One element at a time, full panel to shift
Extra: Effect, Energy Drain (as all the oxygen tries to leave you)
10 Strength
Determination 6
* Intellect
Height 4 6Stretching
6'0" Awareness Qualities
Weight 3
  • Nonhuman looks
  • Wanted by the US Military
  • Hopeless love for Kobold
180 lbs.Willpower
Point Total 434

Likes Kobold romantically, but Kobold is straight, so that's not going to happen.

In my brain, they have this whole backstory. They grew up in the same poor crime-ridden neighbourhood.  Pick a problem, somebody had it, including substance abuse, health problems, self-image, abusive boyfriends, self-loathing, and so on. They stuck together because nobody else would stick with them. When they found the device, they figured selling it would be their ticket out. They were all eighteen to twenty at the time. They were hiding it at Finch's place when it exploded and caught all of them. It triggered Finch's mutation. Erdman tried powers for the first time and it works, so he figures he was transformed. Petersen was on leave from the Army, but he never returned, being a kind of glowy guy now.