Monday, December 7, 2015

Crisis on Christmas, ICONS style


Steve Kenson's Crisis on Christmas is a fine adventure that should be a Rankin/Bass production. But John Holmes asks for an ICONS version. So here's one minute of thought and twenty-nine minutes of typing. I assume you're read the adventure: no context provided here.

Early on, they can encounter Desparia's weather control powers. To create the "Cloud of Despair" (Affliction versus Will, ranged, burst, level 7) and the "Snow Blind" powers (Dazzle, burst, level 5), either stunt them using the "Ice Witch" quality or make them GM fiat: she can do them, but they require additional effort on her part and they won't happen during a fight. (Possibly before.) If you stunt them, it puts more determination points in the pockets of the heroes.

The wolves look something like this:

Determination-Stamina61Life Support (Cold)
Qualities1Damage Resistance (shaggy fur)
Unnatural3Magical claw and bite
Extra: Ignores non-innate Resistance
Pack hunters

Desparia's hobgoblins look something like this:

Determination-Stamina71Life Support (Cold)
Qualities3Strike (cudgel) or Blast (crossbow, sling, iceballs)
Unnatural2Damage Resistance (armor)
Willing to die for Desparia

The extras for the wolves and hobgoblins might make them tough against your heroes. Feel free to treat them as minions. Shift things around a bit to suit your heroes: maybe the Blast is a bit higher; maybe the Strike is not a damage 5 bashing attack (Strength+1) but a damage 4 Slashing ice sword. If the hobgoblins are not tough enough for your heroes, then add the Quality "Small" to them, and treat them as if they had enough Shrinking for a +1 to hit and evade. (Hobgoblins: The smaller they are, the tougher they are!)

Here's a version of Desparia:

Coordination3Awareness6Elemental Control Mastery
Determination-Stamina78Elemental Control (Cold weather) Damage Resistance
QualitiesExtra: Blast (wintry winds)
Ice WitchExtra: ESP (ice scrying) Limit: Extra time to cast
Scared and Angry Little GirlExtra: Binding
Gifted by Mr. Infamy3Flight
1Life Support (cold)

At the end, when they try to convince Desparia, do it as a balanced Pyramid test...with three failures, it "tips over" (Mr. Infamy has gained the upper hand) and they have to start again after changing something about the situation.

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