Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sentinels of the Multiverse revisited: Aiding Others


FIgured out how to do Legacy's aiding power in ICONS. My first thought was rather complicated: Probability Control (good luck), Extra: Affects Others, Limit: Others Only, Extra: Duration of Level, Limit: Extra Effort Only.  In play, you'd also want some kind of recharge extra, and he has (say) 4 ranks so he grants it to each of his teammates. So each teammate gets extra effort on each roll for (rank) panels. 

But you can get almost the same effect with Probability Control (bad luck) applied to the villains and their minions. That one is Probability Control (bad luck), Extra: Duration of Level, Limit: never for actions against him alone.

Or you invent a new Aid or Improve Others power, based on some combination of this and Healing. 

(I know that Certain People always like new powers, so this is for them.)

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