Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Presenting...Liveboy and Deadgirl!

I was reading something about politicians that brought to mind the old saying, "The only thing that could bring him down is being found with a dead hooker or a live boy."

That sounds like a pair that fights crime, to me. Still, I have no urge to write Strange Hooker Corpse, the Series, so try this barely more wholesome pair. I just stole time from work to scribble this down.


Was he born with the power? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it was always there but it took the lightning bolt to make it active. 

Oh, yeah. In his late teens, he got hit by lightning. He was into hair gel and leather clothes with many zippers at the time, so the current theoretically passed through him, with the only obvious effect being that he can't wear a timepiece without it stopping. (That includes a smartphone...if it can display the time, it won't work for him.) His name is Garth. Or Mark. He's not sure, but he responds well to the "ar" sound. 

That was in the nineteen fifties. He doesn't really age any more. Okay, that was two effects from the lightning. Three, maybe: sometimes the past is hazy, and when he remembers it again, it's not the same. He's not really keeping track, though. He's generally a happy guy. Zen masters like him. He lives in the moment a lot. 

And he can animate anything. (Okay, that's four.) It's easiest if it was alive before, of course, but really, anything under a few hundred kilos. (He doesn't do trees....okay, he once did a bunch of saplings because this lady in a tree nursery had been really awful to him, but that's it.)

If you're thinking, this guy doesn't sound like much of a hero, you're right. He's not. That's where Deadgirl comes in.


(Note that she's not Dead Girl, of the X-Force. She's Deadgirl. She'd date Boston Brand if he weren't so creepy looking. And they weren't both, you know, dead.)

Liveboy still isn't sure exactly what he did (it mostly matters when she's a pain) but she lives in him. He's like, a condo for her. It's painful and difficult for her to leave during the daytime (though she's done it a few times), but trivial at night. She's in astral form. And she has the kind of drive that must have made her a fearsome thing when she was alive. She was in her late teens when she died, too. She says eighteen just to make things easier but really, it might have been a couple of years either way.

She's a ghost. She's got the usual assortment of ghost/astral projection powers. She can't easily possess people but she can make things move. She can see on the astral plane. Once she went into somebody's head to see if he was a sociopath or not; apparently they're different inside.

She doesn't leave an astral cord between Liveboy and herself. He's just where she lives, and she finds him much easier to manipulate than some other shmoe.

She has a couple of goals:
  • Find out who she was, and why she died. (Also when she died. Her existence before being in the Elysian Fields is kind of hazy.)
  • Stop it from other happening again.
  • Stay away from the Elysian Fields...she thinks they're kind of like crack for dead people.
  • Help Liveboy figure out who he is. (He's never asked for this help; she's just taken it on as a project.)

The Stories

She gets them into trouble and he reluctantly goes along, because she has a tendency to attract necromancers, werewolves, witches, and notable skeptics and then they show up at his residence du jour.