Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lame villains of the day.... King's Wood


Do these names not inspire an emotion in you? (Granted, it might not be fear, apprehension, or loathing, but disgusted amusement is an emotion, right?)

They are:

  • Tree Rex, emperor of the plant world! (Qualities include "You can do anything with plants!" and "Dirty filthy animal urges")
  • Air Apparent, maker of illusions! (Qualities include "See it to believe it" and "Life's a breeze")
  • Sleeping Beauty, she who controls dreams and plants posthypnotic suggestions! (Qualities include "Sultry, seductive, and soporific" but not "Slept her way to the middle")
  • Pope of Roam, the man with speedster control. (Qualities include "Can control the speed force but never use it himself")

They usually have one or two captive speedsters and a carnivorous plant with them. They get access because Sleeping Beauty has arranged entry to whatever place they need, and sometimes protection against those meddling heroes.