Monday, October 26, 2015

Generic Super...uh...girl?


In honour of the premiere of the CBS series tonight (and no, I didn't see the leaked pilot), here is a quick generic Supergirl. She's more of the iconic sort than anything in particular, though "Rash, brash, and bold" plays to recent portrayals, since as created by Otto Binder (and Al Plastino, I think) she was a typical subservient female. (It was the times, I think; I don't mean to imply anything about Binder.)

The higher Intellect is because she hangs out with Braniac 5 in the future, so you know she's not exactly dim. She's also been shown to have an interest in science in some of the relatively recent comics, such as the Sterling Gates run.

Other powers, such as super-breath and seeing in the dark, are left as stunts.

If you want to fit her into the Fallen ICONS posts, she's clearly a second attempt at creating a human-alien hybrid who was given false memories of her earlier life on the alien planet. When her "cousin" revealed the deception to her, she didn't believe him, and left the planet on a kind of Wanderjahr, attempting to find the remnants of her alien homeworld.

(Hmmm. It just now occurs to me that Clark should have been spending time with her when he found her, trying to learn more about Krypton. There is a certain loveliness to the idea that he came to the Midvale orphanage every week to take her to dinner, saying, "Tell me more about Krypton." (Well, she might have just whispered it in her room, knowing that he would hear her. No, it's not at all creepy. *shiver*))

NameSupergirl (Linda Lee Danvers)Prowess4Intellect5Determination1
SpecialtiesAerial Combat, Mental Resistance, Science
Damage Resistance Limit:Not vs magical effects8
Blast (shooting) Heat vision7
Super-senses: +1 Enh. sight & hearing, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, X-ray vision5
QualitiesConstantly learning how to be a hero
Girl of two worlds
Rash, brash, and bold

Or, to but a Fallen ICONS spin on the character description:


The same project that produced Exemplar also produced Pinnacle. Once the alterations to his genome had been shown to be stable, they produced a woman, a dozen years younger. There was never any intention that the additional genes would breed true, but as a precaution the project gave her a cover story as Daniel Hugo’s alien “cousin.” They also spent much longer programming her with the alternate history that they wanted...years, in fact.

When Daniel Hugo leaned the truth about his and her origin, she was on the alien dimension of Alpha-Nile-8, leading a retaliatory strike against the leader Umbra. She lost people there, and the last thing she wanted to hear was news about the government that had sent her there. Rather than believe Daniel, she retreated into her alien identity, creating monuments to her fallen civilization.

After her foster parents, the Danners, died, she became Lee Danner less and less, and Pinnacle more and more. She is as vulnerable to Xenite as Exemplar was, but she has had most of it gathered up and destroyed.