Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fallen Icons: Erzebet Sforza, some day to be Harrier


In the heart of New York City is a girl who will know the past.

Erzebet is the latest reincarnation of a Mongolian girl, Monkh, who was betrothed to the Khan Garuda in his human identity. He blessed her with eternal reincarnation, and she carries on his fight against the naga, or dragon-people. At some point in each life, she becomes aware of who she was and whose spirit she carries, and undertakes her mission. Khan Garuda gave her three things to help her in her fight: first, wings, with a magical flying harness; second, great strength and enhanced eyesight, which come when she realizes her identity; and third, a mace that came from the stars and that can damage any magic.

Erzebet is five. Her parents do not know. In fact, they are not even aware that they have a Mongolian ancestor. Her father, Jorge, is a janitor for a large industrial firm. Her mother, Katrina, is a seamstress.

If the naga discover who she is, they will kill her, and delay her reappearance by years.

They killed her when she was Harrier.

NameErzebet SforzaProwess5Intellect4Determination
QualitiesA child
Many past lives, currently unknown
Hates snakes


Her last incarnation, Sheila Falcone, was an Egyptologist at the Smithsonian.
NameHarrier (Sheila Falcone)Prowess6Intellect4Determination2
SpecialtiesAthletics, Investigation, Military, Weapons (Melee), Wrestling
PowersFlight Limit: Indestructible winged harness5
Super-senses (+1 Enhanced sight, Telescopic sight)2
Strike (Device: Mace of Garuda)8
Extra: Secondary Effect (Nullify, Limit: Magic only)
QualitiesHatred of snakes and naga
Remembers every previous life
Loves the people in her current life

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