Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fallen Icons: Ape X, formerly The Streak


Deep in the bowels of the Center for Restraining Antisocial Hyperhominids, known familiarly as CRASH, is a gorilla. A telepathic gorilla. Ape X.

He has fantastic mental abilities, but the nullifiers on the floor prevent him from using them. The small community of sapient apes has not come to rescue him. He has betrayed them (for their own good, he'd say) too often.

He claims to be the Streak, the fastest man on the planet. The automated guards ignore him, because they know that Ape X plays the long game, and gorillas are long-lived animals. The only other ape to get the same treatment seems to be effectively immortal, so the long game might be very long.

His story, if it can be believed, is a simple one: Ape X traded minds with the Streak, but unable to control the Acceleration Field, that energy source that grants all speedsters their powers, the Streak's body disappeared, leaving only Ape X with the mind of a man.

It's silly, of course; the Streak is presumed gone, and another speedster has taken on his mantle, his legacy.

But your heroes might be used to control Ape X: his powers might be necessary for some reason or even his knowledge of where the Simian Troop lives, and then they would hear the entire story. If he's correct, he has nothing like the powers that Ape X used to have; those mostly went along with Ape X's mind.

Current Ape X

Ape X is a former experimental subject, exposed to alien radiation, just like his former mate, Sunshine, the other immortal and mentally powered gorilla. He is not at his peak, having been in a specialized prison cell for several years.

NameApe XProwess4Intellect5Determination
SpecialtiesAthletics, Investigation Expert, Mental Resistance Expert, Wrestling 
PowersSuper-Senses (Enh. Hearing, Enh Smell).2
QualitiesForensic Scientist in the body of a gorilla
Out of touch for years
Honesty and Code of Honor

The Streak

You know all those powers that speedsters have? This guy, the Streak, he pretty much defined them.

NameThe Streak (Jay Bartholomew)Prowess5Intellect5Determination1
SpecialtiesInvestigation Expert, Power (Super-Speed)
PowersSuper Speed Limit: Needs an Advantage to go over 810
Extra: Defensive
Extra: Surface Movement
Extra: Effect [Fast Attack]
Air Control Extra: Burst Limit: Extra only7
QualitiesA Bit of a Square Forensic Scientist
The Rogues—It's Complicated
An Ourobouros-Like History and Future

This image is from Project: Rooftop and is by Jey Odin:

The Prime Ape X

Ape X, or Apex as he was sometimes known, tended to stunt powers like possession or mind swap, or incredible inventions that he rarely used twice. He looked like this:

NameApe XProwess5Intellect7Determination
SpecialtiesAthletics, Mental Resistance Expert, Technology Master, Wrestling 
PowersSuper-Senses (Enh. Hearing, Enh Smell).2
Telepathy .7
QualitiesGenius gorilla
Hatred of people
I Will Do What's Best Even If They Hate Me


You could make the case that some of the Extras there are just stunts, but by the peak of his career, he did all of them pretty regularly. He gets a lot of Trouble or compels from his job, and his complex relationship with the Rogues...alternating being hunted by them and trying to help them. And then there's time travel mixed up in it...