Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today's NPC: Justine Mastema, Paranormal Paralegal


Justine Mastema

Fallen angels have children (doing what often leads to angels being fallen might cause that), and one of them wants to be a lawyer. Oh, there was a whole adventure where the forces of Light and Dark fought for her soul (Lucifer also being a fallen angel) and the end result is helping people as a paralegal. (She has lots of reasons why paralegal is the choice right now instead of lawyer.) Her sweetie is an ambulance attendant and paramedic, so "para" stays in the house, so to speak.

Justine is short and petite, with long black hair that's usually braided down her back.
She is an information source: through her, heroes can hear about this evil corporation or that bad guy who is cheating innocent people out of their belongings.

Justine Mastema

Origin: Unearthly


Specialties: Law Expert

3Aura (flames)
3Element Control (fire) — Telekinesis (can create and control flames)
5Fire Resistance