Monday, September 28, 2015

Fallen Icons: Ambassador Alfdisa, formerly Virago


Once, the heroine Virago was the emissary to man's world, eager to see what had happened on the outer crust of the earth since the Sitones had hidden themselves away, early in the days of the Roman empire. Now, the Sitones formally recognized, the former champion can no longer overtly fight crime. Her badges of rank as Virago, the Sitone champion, have been stolen by someone unknown, the person who killed her successor. Alfdisa (or just Disa to her friends) has too many responsibilities as the ambassador of the Sitones to man's world. She can't go after them herself. Even her invisible plane has been made visible, in recognition of the danger to air traffic.

She's strong, but no longer can she bounce bullets off her bracelets, or make people talk with the lasso of Freya. If the goddess wills it, she can fly...but Disa's life is not as pure as it once was, and the goddess sometimes holds back permission.

Someone has the bracelets. Someone has the lasso. Someone killed the last Virago. If she trusts the heroes enough, she'll ask them to help. She can offer some assistance, but it has to be behind the scenes. She can't run around doing the superhero thing any more.

Ambassador Alfdisa

As ambassador, Alfdisa no longer has the special devices and favors of the Virago; she has, however, cunning, and a network of favors and debts.

Disa has become a mover and a shaker, being the ambassador to much of the world. (Some countries still don't recognize the Sitones.) She has lost the favor of the Goddess and her people in many ways—diplomacy is an ugly business—but she's still strong, superhumanly so. As member of the ruling family of the Sitones, she is rumored to have in her the blood of gods.

NameAmbassador AlfdisaProwess6Intellect4Determination
SpecialtiesAerial Combat, Leadership Expert, Mental Resistance, Military Expert, Wrestling
PowersFlight Limit: Unpredictable (Must pray for favor of the Goddess)5
QualitiesAmbassador for the Sitones
Network of friends and enemies
Ledger of favors


In her prime, as Virago, chosen of the Sitones and the Goddess, Disa looked something like this:

NameVirago (Alfdisa)Prowess7Intellect4Determination1
SpecialtiesAerial Combat, Leadership, Military Expert, Wrestling
Entangle Extra: Secondary effect [Mind control Limit: Only tell truth] (Device)8
Reflection Limit: Performance (Device)7
QualitiesChampion and favored of the Goddess
It's lonely at the top
Even her enemies like her

From Kris Anka via Project Rooftop:


Historically, Flight is a relatively recent power, but then there are several things that got lost by the end of the 1950s—the lasso was originally a full-fledged Mind Control.