Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like, totally random thought

And the thought is...

"Mulan Bonney"

Like, there are plenty of fine Chinese pirates, some of whom were women who didn't need to hide their sex. So aside from the accidental fact of both of them (Mulan and Anne Bonney) being women who dressed as men, and that I pronounce the "an" part the same in both cases, there's no actual need to make a portmanteau name.

Yet my mind keeps returning to that thought. 

So, since there's no need for it to be actual pirates, what if it's a code name? Some secret hacker who is leaking information to the PCs. And the name "Mulan Bonney" would be a pseudonym, so of course the person is saying that they're a different sex than the name, but are they hinting that they are transgender, or simply cloaked? Is the different sex only online or are they trying it for reals? Or perhaps the double is to throw people off track?

Or maybe it's a throwaway.

Though you might be able to do something interesting with a source who keeps providing information using pseudonyms that are cross-dressers from history. (And in a roleplaying game with full knowledge of the real world, one of them could be "Danny T. Street".)