Monday, June 1, 2015

Sample Champions Conversion: Leech


I was curious about how my suggestion to Fabricio   might work, so I tried a Champions conversion or two from fourth edition, I think. (Whatever Classic Enemies was.)

This might not be a fair test, because right off the bat, I chose a character with a power that's not easily represented in ICONS. However, if you're willing to accept the more wargaming side of gaming, then Champions characters fit right in. I have Obsidian kicking around here, and I'll do a sample fight of Leech against him. With luck, I'll remember to post it.

Update much much later... So apparently my brain doesn't work. Drain in Champions is essentially Nullification or Power Nullification in ICONS. Power Mimicry has an advantage to do attributes only; it sounds to me like you could have an advantage to apply your Nullification to abilities under 7. (Or did I already say that?)