Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A few up ahead...

At least Fiction Friday is populated until the end of the month. I can see they're not the most popular posts, but they're there, and I have been meaning to put them somewhere else in case the Green Ronin boards shut down.

 Now, a Round Robin, where there are N players, and each one takes a turn GMing a session, so there are N sessions. Easy on the GM who is first, a little hard on the last GM, but we used to have fun with them. Same game system throughout.

If Alan, Barb, and Carl are playing, everybody makes characters. Alan runs the first session, Barb the second, and Carl the third. They don’t plot it out beforehand. It’s about screwing your successor and being screwed by those before you. :)

My question is, in these modern hectic times, what's the ideal number of people for one? I think two is probably out; three might be do-able, though you might want to cycle through twice. You probably want at least four, but if the sessions are weekly, that's more than a month's commitment.

 So what do number do you think is best?

(Variant: each GM rewrites the characters in the system of his or choice.  Alan runs Champions, Barb runs ICONS and Carl runs M&M. Much more work, but people get to try other systems.)

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