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The Incredibles, updated for Icons Assembled

Well, since The Incredibles 2 is due to come out, I thought I'd dust these guys off and convert them to ICONS Assembled. Mistakes in conversion and updating might have happened; let me know about them.
Background information is based on information from as of when I wrote these.

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dashiell Parr, Violet Parr, Jack-Jack, Frozone, Syndrome, the Omnidroid, Lucius, Rick Dicker and so on are all trademarked by Disney/Pixar. No infringement is intended.

Because it's such a big thing in the movie, I have assumed that all the supers except for Syndrome and the iterations of the Omnidroid have the origin Birthright. This is modeling, rather than strict point-buy, so I'm not worrying about the effects of their origins.

Mr. Incredible (Robert "Bob" Parr)

578 453 111
  • Fair (4) Damage Resistance
  • Weak (1) Super-Speed
  • Weak (1) Super-senses [enhanced hearing]
  • Average (3) Leaping
  • Business
  • Power (Strength)
  • Weapon (throwing)
  • Wrestling
  • Family Man
  • Mid-life crisis
  • Middle-aged: overweight and bad back


At his peak, Mr. Incredible was one of the most popular supers in the world, and one of the best. (The Kronos database gave him the highest threat rating of any super we see.) We also know that he refused to have a sidekick (though, to be honest, taking one in just before his wedding would probably have been a bad idea). He's devoted to his wife, Helen, and respectful to other women.

Conversion Notes

As part of his workout, we see him pulling a train (er, a physical train: I don't mean the slang expression). That pretty much defines his strength right there, since one of the benchmarks in ICONS is the weight of a train. According to the various sources I read, he has some invulnerability, but it's clearly not huge, not in the "totally bulletproof" range. It might be higher, I suppose. He also has apparently a slight amount of superspeed, but I didn't notice it, so it's low. The Leaping is self-evident, and I keep forgetting to include it because I think it ought to be concomitant with high strength.

Elastigirl (Helen Parr)

Well, she's not really Elastigirl any more and we don't know what superhero name she uses now...but I'll go with Elastigirl. You can find a picture at the same site I used.

553 455 81
  • Fair (4) Damage Resistance: physical only
  • Good (5) Stretching
  • Good (5) Transformation Limit: Tell
  • Average (3) Leaping
  • Business
  • Martial Arts
  • Pilot Expert
  • Power (Stretching)
  • Stealth
  • Supermom (and the responsible one in the family)
  • Connections from the old life
  • Making a go of hausfrau


Helen Truax was Elastigirl, and we see her first as an accomplished superhero, something of a feminist in an alternate 1950s world, who sets aside her dream of being a top-level superhero when superheroes are outlawed. She is Supermom: she runs the home (hence the Business specialty I gave her). We really don't know what oother specialties she has; I made a guess based on what's in the movie, but I might have missed something.

She's fiercely devoted to her children and her husband. In the arena outside superheroics, she's much more capable than Bob, but Bob does have one thing he does well. (The business!)

Conversion Notes

In this writeup, Transformation gets top billing, but she's known for Stretching. I chose a tell because (a) we see it in the film and (b) she can take on some of the attributes of the new form, though not all: I figured it was self-evident, and didn't make it a limitation. (That is, as a thin sheet, she catches the air, as a boat, she floats, but if she formed a wall, she wouldn't be bulletproof because of that.) I don't recall where the damage resistance came it just because she's stretchy, or is it from Edna's updating of the hobo suit?

Her strength isn't high enough to hold a Winnebago, nor is her Stretching, but nothing else she does is consistent with high strength, so I'm going to propose that she can use her Stretching to add to her Strength; it's a stunt but it's probably free for her because she's done it before.

Violet Parr

Kind of problematic in terms of aspects because one of the threads of The Incredibles is about her getting over her desire to be normal and inconspicuous. But here's a take on Violet.

243 54352
  • Average (3) Invisibility
  • Amazing (8) Force Control Extra: Burst Extra: Constructs
  • Stealth
  • Family above all
  • Wants to fit in
  • Concerns of a teenager


The eldest child of Robert and Helen Parr, Violet starts the movie as a shy high school junior, poised between being a girl and a woman. She wants to be normal. She wants to be unnoticed. Her powers are symbolic of that: she can turn invisible, though not her clothes or things she touches.

Conversion Notes

Her Strength might be 2, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she does knock out at least one minion with a single blow with a dead branch. She has a low Invisibility because she doesn't turn anything else invisible, and a high force field because she does manage to keep the Omnidroid's weight off them and her mother at least expects that she will be able to stop the missiles.

Dash aka Dashiell Robert Parr

242 543 52
  • Great (6) Super-Speed
    • Extra: Surface Movement
    • Extra: Fast Attack
    • Extra: Damage resistance Limit: physical, only to falls and collisions while running
  • Athletics
  • All boy with half the attention span
  • Loves to show off
  • Tries to be good


Dash, the middle child of Robert and Helen Parr, was born into this hidden existence and all he wants to do is compete and excel, which is a kind of showing off, given his abilities. He knows how to push his sister Violet's buttons, and takes delight in doing so.

Conversion Notes

Given that he runs out of sight in effectively one panel, I gave him Superspeed 6 even though some of the official material claims he can only run somewhere about 135 mph. I also gave him the Resistance because he falls several times at speed and is not hurt. I did not give him full Damage Resistance because he still seems afraid of fire (the rocket blast) and bullets: this is only for friction and damage while running. Again: I'm trying to preserve the vulnerability of the characters for ease of use.


Is a plot device.

Frozone (Lucius Best)

And here's Mr. Lucius Best, aka Frozone, last of our intrepid quintet of heroes.

363 343 52
  • Great (6) Cold Control Limit: Source
    • Extra: Blast
    • Extra: Constructs
  • Ice Slide (Weak (1) Flight Limit: less than 60 feet from ground
  • Average (3) Damage resistance (his super suit)
  • Snow Goggles (Average (3) Sensory Resistance Limit: Sight)
  • Immune to cold (Weak (1) Life Support vs. Cold)
  • Athletics
  • Some kind of specialty related to work
  • Motivation: For the greater good
  • Honey is the greatest good he'll ever know, and he better not forget that
  • Whatever he does, it can afford that apartment so some kind of professional


Because he's not the focus of the movie, we know less about Lucius than about the Parr family. During the Golden Age of Superheroes, he was a well-known super, but not considered a great threat (the Kronos database lists him as mid-level). He was best man at the wedding of Robert Parr to Helen Truax. Lucius eventually married Honey, who styles herself the greatest good he will ever know. (Apparently, there is much more information in The Incredibles comic, but I haven't read that.)

Conversion Notes

I chose to give him Cold Control but only at Great level because the Omnidroid destroys his ice wall quite easily.

Do they mention what his daytime job is? He can afford an apartment in midtown with a secret compartment (and he still fits into his supersuit after 15 years: you go, guy!), so he does something well-paying. He can also go "bowling" every Wednesday with Bob, so it's probably not being a doctor, which often has time constraints. Lawyer? Business executive? Investment banker? He should probably have a Specialty in it, whatever it is.

I certainly think it would be reasonable to give him a higher Intellect or Awareness, or a point higher in Prowess or Strength. We see him freeze bullets in mid-air; I choose to think of it as a stunt of Cold Control (a kind of TK). Arguing otherwise is totally reasonable: I was either unaware or didn't make that choice.

Syndrome aka Buddy Pine

Syndrome is the emotional villain of the The Incredibles, the one whose actions bracket the movie.

353 544 7*
  • Amazing (8) Gadgetry
  • Extra: Bracers (Arsenal) Known Gadgets:
    • Amazing (8) Zero Point Energy Freezing (vs. Will) Extra: Ranged
    • Amazing (8) Telekinesis Limit: Things already grabbed with zero point energy
    • Great (6) Interface Limit: Control Omnidroid only
  • Jet boots (Average (3) Flight)

  • Business
  • Power (Bracers) Master
  • Science
  • Technology Master
  • Hates Mr. Incredible & therefore supers
  • Genius inventor & successful arms merchant
  • If we're all special, you won't be


Buddy Pine idolized Mr. Incredible to the point of stalking him and, finally, inventing rocket boots (and presumably other gadgets) and naming himself Incrediboy. When Mr. Incredible rejected him, he transferred that adoration into hatred, and extended that hatred to all supers.

Power and Conversion notes

You could also call him a Gimmick hero. Your choice; his physique certainly indicates that.

Because he rarely misses when he's actually trying to "freeze" I made the Coordination a function of special aiming technology in his bracers, because his physique isn't meant to resemble someone who spends a lot of hours in the gym. In the movie, he almost always uses the "zero point energy" from surprise, and he fails in his one fight even though things are rigged in his favor.

I have him using the optional rule that his Power (Gadgeteering) skill adds to his intellect for the purposes of his Gadgets power, like Rex Mundi. That keeps his Intellect at 6, but he can still create mad inventions. We don't see any of the other consequences of a world-shattering intellect, so I kept it to "human" levels and gave him the Quality.

Omnidroid v10

659 456 15*
  • Amazing (8) Growth (includes Damage Reduction)
  • Fair (4) Extra Limbs (tentacles)
  • Amazing (8) Gadgetry
  • Amazing (8) Fast Attack
  • Average (3) Super-Speed
  • Average (3) Super-senses (enhanced hearing, enhanced sight, IR sight)
  • Incredible (7) Blast
  • Amazing (8) Mental Resistance
  • Military
  • Power (Gadgets) Master
  • Learning robot
  • Programmed to learn quickly to defeat them
  • Controlled by bracers...but knows it


Nemesis would have been a good choice, but I chose to go with a combination of Gadgetry and learning.


There is a possibility that Bob and Helen fought crime together enough that they could be considered a team, so there should probably be some kind of team write-up, with team qualities (though probably not resources). I haven't given anyone Leadership, but if you create the team, someone should have the skill.

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