Thursday, March 22, 2018

Two odd things


Yes, I've been away. Sorry I didn't write. Commuting more makes my days vastly longer.

Anyway, three odd things (was two, now it's three) that might make the basis for an adventure for someone...

  1. Apparently in Britain they have something called "eggers" who are people who collect bird's eggs. It's illegal to do this in Britain, because it disrupts the bird breeding cycle. The practitioners are all male, between 25-45, and it's rather an obsession with them. They die getting these eggs. One fellow had 3600 of them in his house. I think another fellow stole them from museums. Sounds like Egghead from the Batman show of the 1960s....
  2. Apparently the threat of bee colony collapse is staved off for now, but there are companies who have trucks full of bees and who travel from place to place to pollinate a particular area, such as the almond farms. What if someone were to hijack one of these trucks? What if they held it for ransom? Also, being trapped in such a truck could well make for an origin for an insect superhero.
  3. The recent death of the last male northern rhino got me to thinking about odd things, like, did they collect his semen before he died, and if you're the one who does it, do you talk about it at home? But also, could that kind of genetic material be held for ransom? Could it be put to bad ends? Could you make something out of the attempts to revive a species or subspecies?

(Also I have thought of rude things, but you don't care about that.)