Friday, November 17, 2017

Various campaigns

Another reminiscence post. Skip if you want interesting.

I'm trying to remember the campaigns I've run. Some of them were short because they didn't work (the universe-hopping one seemed like a good idea, but it was flawed). Others were short because of gamer ADHD or because people got bored. Not in chronological order.
  • The Concorde campaign, which I've talked about before. It was run in Champions, second printing to fourth edition.
  • The Wellington campaign, which used DC Heroes 2nd edition and 3rd edition.
  • The Patriot City campaign, which used 1st edition Mutants & Masterminds, and took place in Patriot City decades after the events in Freedom Force
  • The Minotaur campaign, which used 2nd edition Mutants & Masterminds, and used both Freedom City and the city of Bedlam...though it was really more the one adventure.
  • The Emerald Knights campaign, which tested out 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds for us, and which I set in the Concorde universe's version of Detroit, Steel City.
  • The Aegis campaign, which used Fantasy Hero (though later I revisited it with CORPS).
  • The EABA playtest I did. It was set in the distant future of some other campaign I'd run, though I don't recall which one.
  • The Bureau of Extremely Foreign Affairs campaign, which used Espionage and later Danger International, and took place in the far-off years of the 2130.
  • The Alderson Disk campaign, which was set in the future of the BEFA campaign and ended when I painted myself into a corner.
  • The various ICONS things I've run, set in Halifax, in Toronto (the Hope Prep stuff), in Vancouver, and now in Strange City.
I suspect more will come to me, but those are (I think) the biggies. I don't count the Marvel Heroic playtest or the Masks playtest or the Supers! adventures...they were never campaign-like.

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