Sunday, July 30, 2017

An idea for online roleplaying


I'm thinking of running a drop-in ICONS campaign on a regular basis...the same time and day every week or every two weeks. It will probably be on Roll20 (though how is that for drop-in kinda stuff?). Here's what I've already decided:

  • I show up. If no one else shows up within a half an hour, I shrug and go on with my life.
  • There will be pre-gen characters available (45 points). If you commit earlier in the week, you can use the lead-up time to generate your own character by rolling or point-buy. Point-buy is 50 points for anyone who commits more than a day ahead, just as a reward. (A rolled character might be the equivalent of 55 or 60 points, and that's a reward, too.) I still get to veto characters.
  • I'll try to keep the adventure complete and under 3 hours. (At three hours I'll quit unless it really is no more than five more minutes.)
  • Roll20 is used for its rolling and storage abilities, not for its maps. I put up a map, and my brain switches gears to something much more finicky and tactical. I might put up a map so that people can see where they are fighting, but I'm not going to be moving characters around. We'll play mostly by voice and Theatre of the Mind.
  • We might do recordings so there are more actual play recordings of ICONS Assembled. I haven't decided that yet.

With all that in mind, what would be a good time for you to drop in to something like that?

From a personal scheduling point of view, my current front-runner is Thursday nights (Eastern) but I haven't heard from anyone about what nights are good or bad.