Thursday, June 29, 2017

Personal stuff

So the chemotherapy is done. Yay. Has been for some weeks. Got some colour back, should start back at work. Except.

Had my first CT scan to establish a baseline post-surgery. No sign of cancer where I had the Whipple, so that's good, but four black spots of unknown origin in the lungs. Sigh. My oncologist was careful to point out that they could be artifacts from a lung infection, or or something else, and not necessarily cancer (too small to tell).

So we'll give them three months to grow or disappear or whatever, and do another CT scan. (Going to CT scans every six months then isn't now doesn't the radiation risk). If they're cancer, they'll get bigger (growing is what cancer does), and we'll know. If they're not cancer, they'll stay the same or disappear.

I just wish this shit was easy, you know?