Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today's notion

A Tulpa -like monster called "The living cliché" -- it can't be killed and although it has infinite powers, they're limited and guided by its current cliché form. (It has the weaknesses of its cliché form, too.)

Perhaps it starts as a person who gets a wishing ring and who wants to be a, I dunno, vampire. The ring turns the host into one until the ring is removed. 

You can't store the ring: it melts into mist if it isn't worn for a week and it re-forms near someone with a hunger for a different (clichéd) form. 

Stopping it forever is left as an exercise for the players. 

Think of it as an excuse to run something classic as an opponent: vampires, kaiju, creatures from the black lagoon, pirates, gangsters, dragons...

Friday, September 2, 2016

Hey. Nice to see you.

I am back after an extended period of unemployment and mental problems. I have tons of apologies to make to people because I have missed deadlines, but in the meantime, you can use this, which is the open source parts of the The Basics chapter of the ICONS Assembled  rulebook. It is formatted for your phone, rather than anything else, and has a set of characters put into it, so that players can take the PDF and get started with one of the characters.

I think I've observed most of the legalities but I haven't asked Steve Kenson for his permission. If he asks me to, I will of course take this down.

ICONS OGL: The Basics (for your phone)