Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A question -- "looky loo"

This is related to RPGs, and it might even be useful to you. The technique of doing something flashy over here to hide what you're doing over there. In his comics, Brian Michael Bendis continually calls it a "looky loo" but when I search the term (I use Duck Duck Goose, so I don't feel right about calling it googling) I find that a looky loo (or looky lou) is a rubbernecker, someone who slows down to look at an accident. Obviously, it's a kind of misdirection, but in magic, that bit of misdirection is to something harmless. (Which might be how criminals regard supervillains--oh, let's let the flashy looky loo try something that he thinks will be successful, while we commit the real crime.) But is there a term specifically for this kind of "stop crime A so I can commit crime B" that seems to be more accepted than "looky loo"?