Sunday, May 3, 2015

Leadership and Villains


I admit that I frequently wondered what the point was of buying Leadersip for villains. After all, villains don't have determination, so the business about team determination didn't apply. It seemed like flavour to give to villains.

So I did as I often do and actually read the rules. In the description for Leadership is this line:

"Leadership is also a useful specialty for tactical maneuvers to learn, create, or activate qualities."

It can improve the attempt of a villain team to learn the Quality of a hero, which is great. Don't forget to apply the context of the team--the villain team Gravel Pit (Granite, Peastone, Chip, and Excavator) probably can't use Chip's Leadership to discover that the heroine Lextalion is secretly Prudence Juris, ADA, but they might be able to use it to help discover that her teammate Mudslide loses his shape shifting power if it gets too cold (Quality "Fair Weather Friend").

I might even go further and let the villain's Leadership oppose heroic maneuvers to try and discover villain Qualities. The leader has done things to cover up that they're all vulnerable to electrical attacks, for instance.